Revolutionary Change: Ultra-Low-Cost Organic Farming

JADAM aims to create Agricultural Revolution with Ultra-Low-Cost agriculture in the world.

JADAM is a Group of Organic Farmers


Youngsang Cho

President of JADAM.
He established JADAM (meaning "People that resemble nature") in 1991. He established "Natural Pesticide Institute" to do research on the environment-friendly methods of pest management. Having also gathered knowledge from many organic farmers on the fields, he founded the system of Ultra-Low-Cost (ULC) Agriculture.
He wrote "JADAM Organic Farming: the Way to Ultra-Low-Cost Agriculture." This book is a masterpiece that well collects and organizes the knowledge of the JADAM method.

JADAM Office

JADAM Office is located in Daejeon, South Korea. The seating capacity is 104, and there are two 72-inch LED TVs and four high-definition camcorders. Various education types are possible in this lecture hall, and video recording and real-time editing systems are fully equipped. There are ample parking and a large underground restaurant. “Natural Pesticide Workshop” is held regularly once a month. Many other programs are running here, including crop-specific study groups.

JADAM Organic Farm

There is a JADAM Research Farm (a 0.5 ha)10 minutes away from JADAM Education Center. We are growing 60 kinds of crops every year and researching organic farming and natural pesticides.